Navigating the Dashboard

Navigating the Dashboard

Welcome to the second step of your journey with dezbor, where you explore your new data visualization playground.

Your Dezbor App

Upon signing up, your first point of interaction is the dezbor app. Here, you undergo an onboarding process, during which you can either create a new team or accept an invitation to join an existing one. If you choose to create a team, you will follow this path:

1. Create team

2. Create Dashboard

3. Add Integration (optional)

4. Invite Collaborators (optional)

Upon completion, you'll be redirected to your freshly minted dashboard.

Teams and Dashboards List

Your app showcases a list of dashboards and teams you have joined or formed. A simple click on a dashboard will take you straight to it, while clicking on a team will take you to a detailed team page. This page includes a collection of dashboards, list of integrations, and all the collaborators in the team.

Dashboard Access

Only assigned team members can access a dashboard. As a user or team owner, you can assign roles as either an admin or a viewer to the collaborators:

- Admin: The admin has rights to edit the dashboard. The 'edit' and 'publish' buttons become visible once an admin logs in.

- Viewer: This role is for team members who only need access to view the dashboard and won't require edit permissions.

Remember, the dashboard navigation isn't just about finding your way around; it's about understanding how to best leverage the data visualization power of dezbor.

As you advance, you'll become more comfortable with these controls and deepen your understanding of dezbor's capabilities. Stay tuned for next steps, and remember, if you have any questions, we're always here to help.

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