Welcome to Dezbor

Welcome to Dezbor

Hello and welcome! We're delighted you've chosen dezbor, the no code dashboard builder. Start visualizing data and gain insightful business intelligence like you've never done before - no need to write a single line of code.

Your Journey Starts Here

Dezbor isn't just another dashboard builder; we redefine the way you create and manage dashboards by offering a unique, efficient, and easy-to-use tool that acts like a website, not a canvas.

Power of drag and drop

Our drag-and-drop components such as tables, charts, cards, buttons, and input/select elements, help you design and customize your dashboard precisely the way you need it.

Seamless Integration & Interaction

Connecting to databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, or Google Sheets is a breeze with dezbor. Add logic to your buttons to update, delete or insert data and decide what data to show with our user-friendly query builder.


We integrate AI to make your dashboard creation even more comfortable. Your dashboards will never be the same again.

Edit, Preview, and Publish Instantly

What you see is what you get! Switch between edit and preview mode at the click of a button. Once your dashboard is ready, you're just one click away from publishing it.

So, why wait? Dive into dezbor today and unleash the power of simplified data visualization and manipulation.

Start Building Your Dashboard