Security Practices at Dezbor

At Dezbor, we're committed to data security. We understand the importance of your data and assure you that we do not access your database without explicit permission.

Data Access

Our system at Dezbor is designed such that it decrypts your credentials to connect to your database and carry out queries. However, please be assured that no individual at Dezbor has access to these decrypted credentials.

There are instances where our team may need to assist you with support issues. In such cases, we follow an 'Ask Permission' policy. This means we will only access your information when you specifically allow us to by checking the 'Allow Dezbor Team Access' option.

Upon granting this access, there is another layer of assurance for you. Only select team members who have undergone ample training and have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) can access your data. Please know that the confidentiality of your data is one of our top priorities.

In addition, we employ industry-standard encryption techniques for securely storing your credentials.

Hosting and Architecture

All customer data resides safely within Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. Details about AWS security can be found at AWS Security and Compliance websites.

Data Storage and Proxy Connections

When Dezbor connects to your database, it proxies requests and applies your credentials server-side. This design ensures end-user's data security. Customer data isn't stored unless you enable query or workflow caching enabling temporary data storage for a specified duration.


At Dezbor, we uphold the highest standards of confidentiality. While our operations require some team members to have system access, they are restricted from viewing customer data unless absolutely necessary.

Protection of Customer Data

Dezbor employs appropriate technical and organizational measures to safeguard your data. This includes activity log reviewing, access management, host management, network protection, product security practices, and data encryption.

Reliability and Business Continuity

Dezbor is committed to ensuring a reliable service. It operates on fault-tolerant infrastructure and regularly tests its disaster recovery measures. Backups of customer data are performed nightly and stored redundantly across multiple AWS locations.

Employee Practices

Dezbor undertakes background checks prior to employment and offers ongoing security training to its staff. Employees are required to sign our information security policy covering the security, availability, and confidentiality of Dezbor services.

For specific questions regarding Dezbor's security practices, you can contact us at

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