Adding and Managing Action Logic

Adding and Managing Action Logic

After connecting your database and learning to query your data, it's time to bring life to your dashboard by adding and managing logic.

What is Action Logic?

In dezbor, 'action' represents the interactive function of your dashboard components. For instance, you can add logic to a button to insert, delete or update data, or to an input field to filter the data shown.

How to Add Logic to Button

Follow these simple steps to add logic to your dashboard:

1. Choose a component: Navigate to the component you wish to add logic to, and then click on it to access its properties.

2. Select 'Actions' Tab: In the properties sidebar, find and click on 'Add Logic'.

3. Configure the Action Logic:

- Data-Based: If your logic is based on data, select 'Data' and choose your data source and the operation you wish to perform (insert, delete, or update).

- Interaction-Based: If your logic depends on user interaction, select 'Interaction' and configure what should happen when a user interacts with the component.

4. Save your Logic: Click 'Save' to apply the logic to your component.

Managing Your Logic

To manage or change existing logic, navigate to the component and its properties. From there, go to the 'Actions' tab on the right sude. Here you can edit or delete the existing logic configuration as needed.

Remember that the logic you create should enhance the functionality and user experience of your dashboard. Think carefully about what each component should do from a user's perspective.

Enjoy building interactive dashboards with a more customized user experience.